VHAF®NottsSward® - artificial turf with a difference

So what does VHAF® mean? …It stands for Vertical, Horizontal and Angular Fibres which create a random pile structure in the carpet. This random structure together with the sand dressing enables better stability and surface quality, as well as even bounce and pace, and less strain on joints and leg muscles.

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) classifies VHAF®NottsSward® TS as a surface cathegory 2-Medium.

ITF Certificate ITF Certificate

Lesser sand movement
=   less maintenance
Less compacting of the area
=   longer durability
Less need to add sand
=   lower operating costs
Even distribution of sand
=   better playing performance
Integrated fibre backing gives greater seam strength
=   less long-term problems
Less visible sand
=   better appearance

VHAF®NottsSward®Typical artificial lawn
Productionneedle punchedvertical tufted
Fibrerandom pile structureuniform rows
Drainagesuper fastslow because of latex backing
Sand Firmnesscomfortable underfoot and stableless comfortable and more inconsistent
Colour15 colours to choose fromusually only green and red

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