Colours and Fibre Length

The range of colours, structure and qualities of fibre makes VHAF®NottsSward® a unique artificial turf suitable for a wide variety of different uses. Carpet weight is also invaluable, which is cca 1kg/m2 that is approximately 2-3 times less than the weight of other artificial lawns. We offer 3 variations of lenghts:

VHAF®NottsSward® TS

The short fibre length creates the best product for tennis. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) classifies this artificial turf as surface category 2-Medium. Can you imagine your tennis court in different colours - not only green or green/red? If so, this is the perfect solution.

It is also used for decorative purposes or sales-promotion areas and in interiors, as well as for other kinds of sport such as minigolf and putting greens. The sand fulfillment is approximately 15kg/m2 and the total height of the carpet is approximately 13mm.

If the playing area is also used for other sports as e.g. football or basketball, the more suitable product VHAF®NottsSward® 1150 is.

VHAF®NottsSward® 1150

It is mostly used for play grounds and all the other recreational ball games. It can also be used in gardening as a substitute for natural turf.

The sand fulfillment is 22kg/m2. Total height of the carpet is approximately 18mm.

VHAF®NottsSward® 1300

Appropriate for football and training areas.

Sand fulfillment is 25kg/m2. Total height of the carpet is approximately 20mm.


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